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Android Code Camp 2010

Monday 15.3 – Friday 19.3 2010, 2nd week on 4. Period

CT30A9300 Code Camp on Communications Engineering (4 cr)


2010-03-23 Note for after code camp actions, put your source code package into your group page as well (required)

2010-03-19 after code camp actions, 28.3 deadline for material & 29.3 feedback

2010-03-19 Still interested in Android?

2010-06-16 questions page done, use it

2010-03-04 Oodi registration working.

2010-03-01 Problems with oodi registration. On fix. Check this wiki in couple days.

What is Android ?

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language.

What is Code Camp ?

Code Camp is a learning and hacking experience. The code camp approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In code camp, the term camp refers to a situation where students assemble and stay a while together. The term code refers to coding, i.e. writing computer programs.

Code Camp Schedule

Code Camp Weet @ Location 6428 Windows Classroom

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:15 Intro Intro 10:00 Coding 10:00 Coding 10:00 Start
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch 10:30 Demo's Start
13:00 Intro ~14:00 Idea Presentation Coding Coding Demo's (15)
16:00 Idea Brainstorming Design Coding Coding Closing
18:00 Evening Program Coding Coding Coding Brain Reset
02:00 Coding Coding Deadline style Coding



Wednesday .. coding ..

Thursday .. coding ..

  • at the end, preparation of ..

Friday, presentation demonstrations

  • 15min / group presentation time
  • Presentation starts at 10:30 (15 groups, small break after every 5 demos)
  • Presentations ends around 15:30, then
  • Honorable mentions
  • Closing of Code Camp Week

After Code Camp

  • 1 page Brochyre (advertisement) of your software.
  • 5 page (not more) description (like white paper) of your application.
  • Support teaching development by completing Learning style test
  • Finalization of your group wiki pages
    1. wiki page complete
    2. presentation slides
    3. source package
    4. android .apk package & and run instruction in wiki if running is not obvious
    5. 1-page Brochyre as .pdf
    6. 5-page description as .pdf
  • Deadline for these is Sunday 28.3.2010
  • Reserve time for feedback on Monday 29.3.2010 at library 6614 (same building 6th floor)


  • 3 Person groups
Group Application Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
grp1 Puble Jussi Loiri Jani Taalikka Jaakko Purhonen
grp2 Androchi Evgeni Kovalev Pavel Osipov
grp3 BeerBase Antti Turpeinen Juho Tarikka Lauri Hämäläinen
grp4 Alcometer Niko Kurvinen Jouni Pänkäläinen Ananta Bhadra Lamichhane
grp5 TexTTV Niko Reunanen Joel Kurola Petri Hienonen
grp6 GangStar* Janne Parkkila Johannes Tattari Rostislav Malevich
grp7 MorphingMaze Jukka Stranden Marko Suhonen Jarno Lehto
grp9 SpeedTester Antti Hannuksela Pauli Immonen Saku Ollikainen
grp10 BaseJump Antti Jäppinen Jaakko Suomalainen Hilmi Abdullah
grp11 LoKe Santosh Kalwar Deepak Man Shrestha Kamal Panthi
grp12 RaceDroid Tommi Kallonen Aku Luukka Seyyed Mahmoud Mortazavi Alireza Kahaei
grp14 Optimal Route Stewart Sabuka Alexey Denissov Andrey Naralchuk
grp15 ArmyWorms? Bishal Raj KarkiWere Oyomno Jifeng Xing
grp16 LunchMagnet Harri Johansson Antti Knutas Tommi Kähkönen
grp17 GYMangy Vadim Matveev Petr Bavin Bandana Karki

Grading ?

Grading 1-5 from

  • Idea and presentation of the Idea in wiki: 25%
  • Coding of the implementation: 40%
  • Demonstration: 15%
  • Code Camp Spirit: 20%


Course feedback survey will be published here. All students are wished to answer to the questionnaire as it helps developing the course.

Students may check what kind of learners they are by answering the questions in the following questionnaire


Enroll to course CT30A9300 Code Camp on Communications Engineering in WebOodi .

Programming experience.

Android is Java framework, so basic Java knowledge and experience is recommended for coding. If you have solid practice on other object oriented languages, it is quite feasible to learn java during course as well.

Basic on Graphical User Interface programming is recommended as well.

Can I prepare to Code Camp ?

Yes. During code camp week we will brainstorm a software idea, design it and code it. Getting good ideas might sometimes be hard and thinking about different ideas before code camp makes it faster to get into coding part.

Also introduce to Android framework ⇒

I have a exam in Code Camp week ?

You are free to go exam, but code camp in intensive course and idea is to focus coding during the well, so it is recommended you prepare to exam before the code camp week.

More ?

If you have questions about code camp send email to petri dot heinila at lut dot fi.

For staff