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document of your software

  • Max 5 Pages Description

For the Code Camp you should return a description document about the software.

Target is to describe a best way the idea (and software solutions behind it). Idea and software will be first evaluated by the written document, so it is very important the document will describe the software in readable, complete and otherwise presentable manner, within page limitations.

The description may contain (but not limited to):

  • Work name
  • Project group and contact information
  • Description about the idea.
  • What is the problem.
  • Non-technical description about the solutions (for the problem). Reader should get information what benefits software gives.
  • Technical description about the architecture (keep it on key points)
  • Involved technologies
  • .. or something else that is relevant for your work


  • 5 page limitation is hard, so you can forget traditional thesis (di-work) format that is required on other project works. Format the document a best way to describe the software.
  • You can try find out White Papers as and example about what kind of the description can be.
  • You cannot put everything into 5 pages, so think and select important subjects to the reader.
  • Write and read, write and read, write and read, write and read, and repeat.


  • 1 Page Brochure
  • Idea and Key points
  • Use pictures
  • Free format, use space efficiently
  • “advertisement”, working as a give away flyer