CGI CodeCamp - February - March 2018

Week 9, 26.02. - 02.03.2018
Location: At LUT
Start: 26.02.2018 at 3310, Time 10.00AM
Topic: Software robotics & testing automation Deadline for returning the course materials for course grading: 2018.03.24 / 23:59

Course TODO list AKA requirements to pass the course with 3ECTS

Instructions are provided in here. Follow this link

Course Tools & Helpfull material

Manuals, help and so on:
  • Will be provided by CGI in the course
  • Instructions to make the course report will be sent to participants by e-mail after the course starts


Group Project name Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4
Group 1 Eventbrite Joonas Heinonen Vesa Koski Aleksi Karhu
Group 3 Finnkino Simo Partinen Eetu Vierula


I have an exam in Code Camp week?

You are free to go to an exam (just organize with your team that there are people from the team to participate in the parts that are mandatory). Code camp is intensive course and idea is to focus coding and participation during the week, so it is recommended you do prepare for any possible exams before the code camp week. You and your group is evaluated based on your working during the week and please remember, results speak for your group and results tend to take time :).

Grading ?

Is passed/failed, which is based on the course material needed to be returned and the wiki page that needs to be built for the course.