V4E Volunteering for Everyone

  • Igor Botyan 0378201
  • Camilo Cifuentes 0376999
  • Mihai Iusan 0377037


  • Provide information for volunteers worldwide
  • Help organizations to recruit volunteers and share information about them
  • Improve volunteer involving process by making it easier


  • Centralize volunteer organizations inside a single place
  • Give people brief information about nearest volunteer activities
  • Give people information about priorities of current volunteer activities
  • Easy way to locate nearest volunteering areas using maps


  • It's hard to find all information about volunteer activities in one place because it's spread all over Internet
  • There is no shared repository for volunteering organizations


  • Creating a web application that could be used on all sides of volunteering process
  • Using geolocation tools to show nearest volunteer activities or around the world
  • Provide registration of volunteers to share information about them between organizations
  • Channel of communication between volunteers and organizations


  • Organizations can register
  • Organizations provide information about volunteer activities
  • Volunteers can search for a volunteer activity
  • Volunteers can contact organizations


Class diagram
Database model


Home page
Activities page
Organizations page
About page


Implementation process

The project is hosted in Google Code. You can checkout source code from here

List of increments

  1. 24.01.2011, First presentation slides, revision 7
  2. 25.01.2011, User interface sketches, business classes, managing of pushpins in Bing Maps revision 20
  3. 26.01.2011, Classes for data store, database modeling, initial version of UI, integration of Bing Maps, revision 24
  4. 27.01.2011, Business logic classes, static version of UI revision 32
  5. 28.01.2011, Final steps of integration, dynamic version of UI, final presentation slides, last revision


  • RSS feeds
  • Mobile application
  • Registration of organizations
  • Registration of new volunteer activities
  • Internal messaging system

Project artifacts

Presentation Slides

Project Source code