Town Repair

A simple game where you're trying to light up your city while evading monsters trying to sabotage your work. The game was made by a team of six beginners and the end product resembles just that. Regardless, the game has some neat features such as fully animated player- and npc characters, simple knockback and interaction with the environment.

Development process

All of the game's audio and graphics are hand made by our audio expert Eetu and graphics team, Aapo, Miikka and Miika. No prebuilt assets were used, which lead to some 'interesting programming solutions', by our programmers Tommi and Aleksanteri (and Eetu who handled the integration of audio).

Everyone had to learn a new set of tools and skills, such as the Unity engine and C# language, which drastically slowed the initial stages of development. Organizing our work was attempted, but without much knowledge of version control we ended up pretty much working on whatever appeared to be the most pressing issue.

Overall, the development process was more of a learning experience for everyone, and perhaps in the next jam we can optimize development better with based on our newfound experience.

Tools used

The game's made using Unity game engine and Microsoft Visual Studio for scripting. Sprites were made mainly by using Krita, and audio with Magix Music Maker. Overall very basic tools for creating a simple game, so they were just right for us.

The end product

The game's nothing special, but after some post-jam work it actually offers some challenge and playability with faster enemies who track the player, more detailed environment and general bug and quality fixes.

The game's a good example of how a team of total newbies in making games can accomplish a working game in the span of a jam. Starting to work on the project was a chore for sure, but after the initial difficulties everyone pretty much got the hang of it on some level. The end product isn't pretty, but it's a game and it works, which we count as a total success.

Ps. Can you find the hidden easter egg? ;)

Team Fuksiryhmä:

Programming: Tommi Kunnari, Aleksanteri Reijo, Eetu Asikainen

Music and SFX: Eetu Asikainen

Graphics: Miika Pynttäri, Aapo Sarkasuo, Miikka Muinonen, Aleksanteri Reijo

Game: GGJ-site

Project presentation: PowerPoint-presentation