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Ball Murder

Ball murder is a fairly gore game, where you defend your home from invading enemies with a giant ball. The only way to stop the invaders is to roll over them.


  • Rasmus Halsas 0358373
  • Teemu Hokkanen 0387849
  • Niklas Nygren 0387975
  • Arttu Urpalainen 035700


Our idea was to use a phones gyroscope in a mobile game. Our game shaped up to be Ball Murder, where you control a ball by tilting your phone and making use of the gyroscope it has. In order to accommodate older Windows Phones we also built a joystick into the game to control the ball if the phone doesn't support gyroscope. This was also built as a failsafe if we didn't have enough time to finis the gyroscope, which unfortunately was the case.


Main motivation for our group was to create something new, and especially for a mobile phone. We wanted to create a game, because it seemed to be a good platform to try out the gyroscope of newer Windows Phones. We chose Windows Phone as our platform since it seemed easier to distribute than a game designed for computer users.


Unprecedented joystick

  • control the ball with unique style joystick

Multiple game levels

  • 3 levels with different end bosses
  • different themes for each level

Original music and voice effects

  • game music composed by a member of our team
  • self made sound effects

Original artwork

  • all graphics made by our team members


  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 & 2013
  • GIMP 2.0
  • Audacity
  • Hydrogen


Monday Figure out an idea for the project, divide work and start coding
Tuesday Try to make a basic version of the game with joystick and moving ball
Wednesday Add enemies, do music and voice acting
Thurday Add different levels, gyroscope-controlled-version, bosses, whatever we manage to do
Friday Finish wiki and documents & Presentate