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Jolla Code Camp - Winter 2014

Code Camp Week: Monday 24.2. - Friday 28.2.2013 Room no: 6218

CT30A9301 Code Camp on Platform Based Application Development (4 cr)

We have verified that we will get actual Jolla phones for development and that we will get a Jolla developer to introduce the platform. Sign up! This is an unique opportunity to learn from the people who developed the platform.

Learn to develop on the new Sailfish operating system and use your development skills to harness open web data from around the world! Challenge yourself and provide useful services to the users: Bus schedules, traffic information, weather.. Can you figure out new, innovative ways to combine the freely accessible data to make new services?
Get more information and get started with developing by downloading the Sailfish OS development tools at and read the tutorial at . You can use JavaScript, QT or Android Java to develop for the platform. We have Jolla personnel arriving to the event, with phones, lectures and tutorials!

News & Notes

  • Course signup is open! Sign up for the course HERE
  • Consider bringing in your own laptop.
  • PERCOM program students - Please also register at the link above! We need student details in order to give ECTS credits at the end of the course.

Code Camp Week

Location 6218 basement computer lab

  • Course starts on Monday 24th of February at 10:00AM.
  • First idea presentations are at 5PM on Monday at the LUT beach sauna
  • There will be a sauna and social event on Monday at the LUT beach sauna, after the project presentations
  • Project returns at 9AM on Friday (in the Code Camp week)
  • Group project final returns on the following week (end of week 10)

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:15 - Finishing presentations / testing demos
09:15 - Coding Coding Coding Presentations
10:15 Welcoming presentation: What are Code Camps?
Theme Lecture: Open Data
Jolla Public Presentations Coding Coding Presentations complete: Winner announced
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Closing
13:00 Tech briefing: Sailfish OS Jolla Public Presentations Coding Coding
14:15 Idea brainstorming and group formation / Coding Coding Coding Coding
17:00 Progress reports at the LUT beach sauna and then sauna! Coding Coding Coding
02:00 Coding Coding Deadline style Coding and Code complete


Group Application Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 1 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 2 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 3 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 5 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 6 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 7 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 8 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 9 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3
Group 10 Group 1 Name 1 Name 2 Name 3

Return requirements for groups and the return schedule

  • On Friday, at the end of the course, you need to have
    • Five minute presentation about your program (idea, motivation, goals, technology used, what was actually implemented etc.)
    • Five minute demonstration of your working program
    • = Total presentation time of 10 minutes
    • Done your wiki page and linked it to this one. Use this or this as an example
      • Group members
      • Idea
      • Motivation
      • Features
      • Tech
      • Some explanatory charts optionally
      • Your project source and binaries OR a public link to your Git or Mercurial repository
  • In a week (before 23:59 28.2.2014) send an email to Antti Knutas ( ), with:
    • Five page project report on the same themes as your wiki pages. Write more on these themes and also put the content back on your wiki page.
    • One page poster about your project (see examples from previous years, also upload to wiki)
    • Email has to have topic [JCC2014] Group X (for example: [JCC2014] Group 2)
      • Include project source code and the project report document in the email
      • Also upload these to the wiki, only the report, poster and binaries
        • Considering uploading your app to the store for extra points and include a link to your app
      • Include link to your wiki page in the email

Discussion and the Q&A



Programming experience(I hope you all have some…if not..then you'll have one during this code camp) and of course learning INTEREST is the most.

Can I prepare to Code Camp ?

Yes. During code camp week we will brainstorm a software idea, design it and code it. Getting good ideas might sometimes be hard and thinking about different ideas before code camp makes it faster to get into coding part.

I have an exam in Code Camp week ?

You are free to go exam, but code camp in intensive course and idea is to focus coding during the well, so it is recommended you prepare to exam before the code camp week.

Grading ?

Grading 1-5 from

  • Idea and presentation of the Idea in wiki: 25%
  • Coding of the implementation: 25%
  • Presentation: 10%
  • Code Camp Spirit: 20%
  • Code camp report 20%

More ?

If you have questions about code camp send email to Antti Knutas (

Helpful Links

What is Code Camp ?

Code Camp is a learning and hacking experience. The code camp approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In code camp, the term camp refers to a situation where students assemble and stay a while together. The term code refers to coding, i.e. writing computer programs.


Registration link is on the front page.