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Dispatching goods within the city is a challenge in Lappeenranta. Car rental

Goods delivery service While there are van rental services for moving goods, they are quite expensive for moving goods across city and .


A car/truck pooling app for goods, where car/truck owners can register and state their availability and route, and users who want to send goods along that route can find such car owners. With multiple users sending their package along the same route, the senders pay less.


1. Good sender

2. Poolers/Drivers

3. System Maintainer (Team Titan) - The company providing the service, and responsible for maintaining the software


  • Bus Rental Services
  • Goods Delivery Services


  • Reduced cost for users
  • Citizen involvement in reducing carbon emission
  • Pay as you use - mileage based
  • Mass entrepreneurship


SDG 8 : Decent & Economic Growth

SDG 11 : Sustainable Cities & Communities

SDG 13 : Climate Action

Social Sustainability

  • Mitigating Congestion in Bigger Cities

Economic Sustainability

  • Employment Opportunity
  • Mass Entrepreneurship

Environmental Sustainability

  • Reduced vehicle trips due to car pooling
  • Lower co2 emission

Human Sustainability

  • Alternate source of income for individual
  • Improved quality of living


For Users:

  • Low cost
  • Goods tracking
  • Fast & secured delivery
  • Mileage credit

For Vehicle Owners:

  • Extra source of income
  • Participation in reducing co2 emission
  • Trips-completed based reward


Revenue Stream:

  • Percentage on rides
  • percentage on insurance fee


  • Move goods at low cost with pooling option
  • Pay based on distance covered
  • Track goods in real time
  • Give Reviews & Rating
  • Insurance options for valuable items


Citizens (Goods Sender & Vehicle Owners)

  • Users can give review and ratings, and we can react to these reviews by getting data from our admin dashboard.
  • Mileage credit for goods senders based on service usage
  • Rewards for drivers based on ratings and service usage
  • Profitability for drivers
  • Increasing usability of the app (easier onboarding, package tracking)

Businesses (Team Titans and Competitors)

  • Partnership

Public Organisations (E.g Posti)

  • Partnership
  • Profitability