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All of the machines are running image of Maemo development environment. It has Maemo SDK installed, which means emulator and Esbox (a customized version of Eclipse). With these two tools it is possible to “easily” create python -based programs for the Nokia n900.


Creating a Python Project

First, open the Esbox on your desktop

Esbox Icon

After this, the Esbox will start and ask you for the workspace path. Please, keep the suggested one, as this one works with the emulator. If you change this, there is a probability of NOT GETTING THE EMULATOR TO WORK!

Select your workspace

After this, select File→New Python Maemo Project

Now you should see the following picture:

Project Template Selector

Select the name monster Maemo Python Hildon Hello World Project and then select next

Project Configuration

Now you are in the project configuration window. This is probably the most important window here and you will return here to play with this one later in the future. For now, use the suggested project name.

Select all the boxes, so you will have all the options working (scratchbox, X86 and ARMEL) AND DOUBLE CLICK THE X86 SO IT BECOMES HIGHLIGHTED AS BOLD TEXT

Now, just click next.

Extra Configurations

In this window you can configure the author, the version number and the hello world text to display here. If you want, you can define the group name as the author (e.g. Masters of the Universe). Then just click finish.

Check Packages

Here the Esbox asks whether you want to check the packages or not. I highly suggest to click yes here, as soemthing might have changed (Esbox is a magical thing, you never know). So, just to be sure, click yes ;-)

Validate Packages

All you need to do here is just to check all the boxes and continue forwards on your voyage of discovery.

Package operations

This is the last screen (FINALLY!). DO YOU WANT TO PROCEED? - HECK YEAH!

And after some more magic, KAZING! You have the project visible (and if you're lucky, it's even a working one :-P)

Running the Project in the Emulator

Running the Project in a Real Machine