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 ==== Esbox Explained ==== ==== Esbox Explained ====
- +This is self-explanatoryNo need for explaining. Try and see for youself ​:-P
-In the following picture you have Esbox explained. +
- +
-{{:maemo:​esbox_explained.png|Esbox overview}}+
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 ==== Running the Project Remotely ==== ==== Running the Project Remotely ====
 +To run the project remotely, you need to first change to the correct interpreter from the project settings (ARMEL is for Remote). ​
 +After this, right click the main python file you want to run and select Run As -> Maemo Remote Application. **If you don't see option for Remote Application,​ you have not changed the Interperter to ARMEL**.
 +Now, when running remotely, you should see the following:
 {{:​maemo:​remote_exec1.png|Configuring Python Interpreter}} {{:​maemo:​remote_exec1.png|Configuring Python Interpreter}}
 +Just click okay here and things should go just fine. Unless the great Cthulhu decides otherwise.
 {{:​maemo:​remote_exec2.png|Download Methods to Use}} {{:​maemo:​remote_exec2.png|Download Methods to Use}}
 +Here you have to choose the Copy Program (SSH) options. The other one should not even work and just give you bunch of errors. So please, don't choose that :-D
 +Now click okay and you get the following dialog:
 {{:​maemo:​remote_exec3.png|Selecting the Target}} {{:​maemo:​remote_exec3.png|Selecting the Target}}
 +Choose the right remote connection you are using. The correct answer here might be USB. Or it might not be? Who knows, but you. However, if you ARE indeed use the usb cable, then USB is your best choice. However, feel free to try Bluetooth or a tin hat. As you like.
 {{:​maemo:​remote_exec4.png|Password required}} {{:​maemo:​remote_exec4.png|Password required}}
 +just put the same stuff as before here. user & lut and your soul will be transferred to Nokia in a blink of an eye. Enjoy!