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Maemo Code Camp 2010 - Getting started

On maemo codecamp the programming will happen for Nokia N900 mobile phone running on Maemo operating system. The application development will happen using ESbox - an IDE based on Eclipse, which uses Scratchbox cross-compilation toolkit to compile the programs to desired targets, such as N900.

Installing the environment

If you want to do the coding using your own computer, you need to install the following: (Check out the installation instructions for Maemo 5 SDK and Esbox) - Also check the supported operating systems for Esbox from the installation instructions - it has some problems with 64 bit operating systems.

  • Xephyr X11 server
  • Maemo 5 SDK (icludes Scratchbox 1)
  • Nokia proprietary binary packages inside scratchbox
  • Esbox

The Esbox also has tools for installing everything else needed, so you don't need to install everything separately. See: File - New - Other - Maemo installers