for Code Camp Software results


  • Format is .zip file.
  • Code in package have to be able to compile and run.
  • Leave compiled files from package. Eg. build or bin directory.

Packaging in eclipse

1. File => Export

2. Archive

3. Select & Finish

  • Correct folders to include in package.
    • Source code, resourcese, databases
    • No generated or binary files
  • Location where to put archive package.

4. Test that your package works

5. Upload package to wiki

Using the vaadin Code Camp package in eclipse

  • This zip package cannot be directly imported into servlet project as file paths do not match
  • So manual work is needed:
  • Copy sources into from package to project src java package directory
    • fix paxckage specifications if needed
  • Copy needed web content from package to project
    • Library jars if any
    • Other web content, especially VAADIN/theme part if exists
  • Other data used if any, used data etc, ..