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Project Stinfo

Stinfo is a simple application that will help users in going grocery shopping (store info⇒ Stinfo). It collects information from google maps and places, and tells user which stores are open. When selecting a store, products can be browsed and searched to see which ones actually exists in this store.

Course Assignments

Project bitbucket:

Presentation 1 (Team and project plan): cc_presi_1.pdf

Presentation 2: stinfo_-presentation.pdf



  • Mikael Sommarberg ( Integrating and reactifyin, common tasks
  • Miikka Lahtinen ( API -queries and open data functionality
  • Julia Tasa ( user-interface design and application styling


This README documents whatever steps are necessary to get your application up and running.

What is this project for? This reposity is for the LUT Course project for Code Camp React. ( for more info). Our group consisted of 3 persons, Mikael Sommarberg, Miikka Lahtinen and Julia Tasa.

How do I get set up? clone the repository with the link above and install Node 8.9.4 with npm. navigate to the project root directory and run command “npm install” navigate to the project root directory, and then to “backend” directory, and run command “npm install” When npm has finished installing requirements start 2 terminals and navigate to project root directory with both

first terminal: ROOT\ npm start

second terminal: ROOT\backend npm start

Now you should be able to go to http://localhost:3000/ and see Stinfo homepage.

For store opening hours to work, this needs to be installed in Google Chrome (or other CORS enabling plugin)

Creators Mikael Sommarberg ( Miikka Lahtinen ( Julia Tasa (