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Team 4

  • Arttu Hanska
  • Saeedeh Mehrouzi
  • Nana Assyne


  • We have a lot of item in today's life that require us to store some very important information about them.


  • A WP7 Application That take a picture of an item,
  • and allow you to add some information to the picture and store it,
  • allow for browsing of the items detail later on.


  • Create a WP7 app that can take a picture and allow for, other information to be stored.

How it works

  • Start the app
  • what to do (save an item or browse an item)
  • Save an item
    • You take a picture of the item
    • Give it a name
    • it pup up what you can do on the item
      • Take a picture of the receipts
      • Input the data
        • price
        • guaranty start and end date
        • Manual (link to the manual)
      • location of the item *
    • Save the item
    • Close or return to previous main menu
  • Browse an item
    • Select the item
    • Click on which item to view
    • Close or return previous main menu


  • This architecture illustrate how WP7 making used of mobile application,
  • after taken a picture, it allow you to add important information to it
  • and stored them in a local or dropbox or MS SQL server.

Use Case

Screen shots

Tools and Technologies

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010
  • Microsoft Silver light
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2008
  • Microsoft Expression Blend 4

mobileproperty.pdf presentation1.pdf mobileproperty_pics.rar mobileproperty.rar