Mad Boxing

 Mad Boxing

Ascension Team

Janne Parkkila - 0303159

Rostislav Malevich - 0312328

Tuomas Kaittola

The Idea

This idea is influence by an old 8-bit Nintendo game Punch Out. Check out a short clip from youtube about the Punch Out game:



3D Graphics

  • Player Model
  • Enemy Model

Different Punches

  • Upper Left & Right
  • Lower Left & Right
  • Straight to face
  • Block (Yes!)
  • Dodge (Nope!)

Winning the Game by

  • Knock out
  • Time out

Player and the enemy have their own health bars, which are drained with hits.


The tools used in the project so far are:

Project Status

Feature Description Status
Player Model 3D Model of the player's own fists Completed
Enemy Model 3D Model of the enemy Completed
Controls Controls for windows and Xbox versions Completed
Options Menu Options menu for starting a new game etc. Completed
Arcade Style Hits Graphics for receiving/dealing damage Completed
Music Music for the game Completed
Game Logic The actual game logic Completed
Animations The punching/hitting/dying/etc animations Completed

Scrapped Ideas

  • 8-bit music for the game [was not so good idea]
  • Cheerleaders (NOOOOOO! NOT ENOUGH TIME :-( )

Last Night Duty

Feature Description
Counting 3, 2, 1, Fight! at the game start


Feature Description Time
Impact Check Check if enemy hits / player hits 20.10
Hit Effect Hit Texture effect when dealing / receiving damage 20.20
HUD (Heads Up Display) to show health 20.45
Game Modes Arcade / Simulation 22.00
Options Options screen to main menu 22.30
Sound Effects Hits, Blocks 23.00
Music Background music 23.10
HUD Show time 23.50
Boxing Ring The Boxing Ring where the fighters actually are 01.00
High Score List Created the highscore list 01.00
Screen Flash Screen flashes when player receives a hit 02.20
Changed Game Logic Successful block now gives 2 HP and hit takes 5 HP 03.10
Better AI Changed the AI to defend when health is less than 30 % 03.20
Fixed Controls The XBOX Pad now actually works 03.40
Finalized Controls NOW IT REALLY WORKS! 04.05
Return to work Came back to business 09.50


Models made by Blender

  • Fist

Fist model

  • Enemy Model

Enemy model

The Actual Working Game

This Game can be run straight from the file (.exe) without any compiling. This requires XNA to be installed on the computer currently.