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  • Antti Knutas (AI, Data Structures, Networking)
  • Li Aoke, or Oscar (GUI)
  • Jifeng Xing, or Billy (Game Logic)


Single-player version of a Chinese board game Dou Shou Qi. More information:


Planned Features

  • Visible, interactable Board DONE
  • Sprite, 2d graphics DONE
  • Sound effects DONE
  • Challenging opponent AI PARTIAL
  • Global high score list and achievements SCRAPPED


Priority Feature Point Guy Status Deadline
Critical Drawing Board (or any graphics) Oscar Done Wednesday
Critical Application Framework Billy Done Wednesday
Critical Board: Graph Model Antti Done Wednesday
Critical Ruleset Logic Billy Done Thursday
Important Basic AI Antti Done Thursday
Important Testing Billy Done Friday
Normal Menu Oscar Done Thursday
Normal Audio Oscar Done Thursday
Normal Advanced AI Antti Under Progress / Partial Friday
Optional Particle Effects Oscar Done Friday
Optional (Local) Multiplayer Version Billy Done Friday
Optional 3D Graphics - Rejected Friday
Optional Network Multiplayer - Rejected Friday

Final Report Files