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On your Code Camp presentation you show out (or sell) the idea of your application and demonstrate the software features.

On presentation day the will be number of groups to show out their software so your presentation turn have to go fluent, there is no time to fix error's and adjust system or anything else than presentation so prepare your presentation, especially software.

Presentation consists of idea slides and application features demonstration.

Prepare demonstration so that it fits to given time (15min)

Idea Slides

1/3 presentation time

  • 1 slide Cover introduction: Application Name, Group Members (, group id if given)
  • 1 slide The Idea of application (Why).
  • 1 slide Application features (What).
  • 1 slide Coding work conclusions (How). What you think about the development framework you used, good points, pad point, what was impressive, what was hard.
  • Use pictures if possible.
    • Although no need of screenshots at this point as you have the demonstration.

Application Features Demonstration

2/3 presentation time

    • Presentation computer is “teacher” computer on 6428 or your laptop. On teacher computer check it is functional in that environment. On laptop check it works with video projector (resolution).
    • Note that there is many groups that have to prepare demo to work, so do not leave checking to last minutes.
    • In demonstration the is no time to fix things (and it is boring to watch fixing :)
    • create android package and run package on presentation computer (or directly if you are using you laptop)
  • Go through the application as user would do
  • Show key points for the idea