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Every business matters

Problem statement
For small retail businesses there is always a problem for advertising and attracting new customers. Mainly due to the budget limit and lack of presence in the Internet (maintenance cost).
The government supports the small businesses by special programmes and subsidies. But still it is not enough.

So the problem we are addressing to is
Engagement of the small retail businesses in Lappeenranta's retail community


  • Small Businesses
  • Users (mainly new comers)
  • City council

Main competitors

Google Facebook
Not all the shops are there Only community
Time consuming Have to log in and use Facebook
Not dedicated for sustainability (made from recycled materials) User provides to FB personal data and search history

Website, where

  • shops can list their products
  • users can easily locate the shops which sell desired product


  • Category based search
  • Forum for interaction between shops and residents
  • Minor community

Targeted sustainability dimensions

Social - Helping to residents locate the products
- Build the community of small businesses
Individual - Less stress in finding products
Environmental - Residents less travel → reduce CO2 emissions
- Promote second hand and products made from recycled materials
- Good quality products lasts longer → reduce waste and overconsumption
Economic - Chance for shops to advertise themselves, grow the share on the market at no cost
- Market Analysis for planning to open a new business (which shops and categories are already on the market)

Ways to engage stakeholders to use ShopDock

Small Businesses - Blog with articles related to running the small business (latest regulations, tips, advertisements, etc.)
- Forum, where businesses interact with residents (clients)
- Register by force from city council
Users - Provide them a service to search where to buy goods (fulfilling their need)
- Reward system (discount in shops for answers in forum on behalf of the shop)
City council - Have the interest in promoting and supporting the small businesses