Team Clover: Greendel

Group 3

Group Member Main Responsibility
Harri Johansson PLC Programming and Electrical Engineering
Antti Knutas Web Services and Industrial Bus Communication
Tommi Kähkönen Windows Phone 7 and XML Interoperability


In short, Greendel is a mobile real-time power consumption monitoring program. It allows the user to view power consumption and different factors like heating, lights or temperature that affect power use in real time.


1 = most critical

Feature Priority
Main Phone GUI 3
Industrial Bus Connectivity 3
Web Service Connectivity 3
Data presentation on the phone 2
History data collection 2
Event invites 2
Data scraping from other services (eg. weather data) 1




Coming up!

How to run

Install Visual Studio 2010, IronRuby 1.1, Rails 2.3.5 and other gems required by the project, Azure SDK 1.2 and Visual Studio Tools and set up the web service in the Azure template project. Further instructions.

Conclusion of your work

There were a great amount of code camp spirit among the software team. The used tools and techniques were very suitable for the project but all the members also learned a lot and identify those things that could be done better in future projects. The software team reached the goal that was set during the first day of the code camp and the result of this is a fully functional cloud web service that can be used from a Windows 7 phone.