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.NET Code Camp 2011

Code Camp Week: Week 4 Monday 24.1 - Friday 28.1 2011 Room no: ML 6428

.NET Basics: Thursday and Friday 20 - 21.1.2011 Room no: ML 6428

Microsoft Technology Tour: Friday 14.1.2011 Room no: 2310

CT30A9300 Code Camp on Communications Engineering (4 cr)

News & Notes

  • Please contact Bishal Raj Karki ( for any questions or queries.
  • Here is a sample report and brochure from last year: Sample Brochure and Report(CrySys)
  • Imagine Cup Submission Deadline for software design (Finland Local Competetion) : 6 March 2011
  • Please Add Prof. Jari Porras as your mentor while creating your Imagine Cup group and submitting your entry
  • Please submit your entry through this link: TBA Hopefully every group submits their entry by the deadline
  • Please submit your 1 page brochure and 5 page report in pdf file format
  • Please check this link for more information on Finland local competetion Imagine Cup 2011-Software Design Category in Finland
  • Deadline for Final report and poster submission: 18 February 2011
  • Please return the final report and poster in pdf file format to email by 18 February 2011.
  • Please check for the course wiki after Final submissions for further imagine cup guidelines.
  • Please do not forget to upload your code files(zip) into the wiki under your group pages.
  • Report Submission Deadline(LUT): 11th of February (recommended few days before)
  • Feedback Day: 11th February 2011 - Please get your time(30 mins) reserved on the wiki for the feedback day
  • Friday 11.2.2011, a 5 page Software description and 1 page brochure for code camp result and for feedback for the imagine cup . Put your documents into group wiki area, if you can put your documents into wiki at 10.2.2010 it would be better for us to study it prior and prepare the feedback for each group. Else bring it along with you during the feedback. Please send the email conformation at after putting your report on the wiki.

How to participate in local sefifinals

  1. if you have not already, please start by going to the Imagine Cup site and registering at From there you need to go to the Software Design page and select “Compete”. This will point you to a page to form a team.
  2. Submit your idea before end of the day of March 6, 2011 to ImagineCup site (after forming your team) and also by email to
  3. Your entry should be described in maximum of five 5 pages document which describes the following:
    1. Problem Definition
    2. Solution
    3. Technical Architecture

Idea Day/ Microsoft Technology Tour

Location 2310

  • Start time on Friday 14.1.2011 at 9:00
Time Event
09:00 Educational resources, programs and tools available to educational institutions, teachers and students.
10:00 Overview of the business operated tools and techniques to user interface design and application development. Overview of instruments, project types (WCF / Data / EDM dynamic datapages, Silverlight, XNA, Office, etc), Silverlight / HTM5/IE9 cloud and programming in general.
12:00 Lunch Break
12:45 Silverlight and Windows Phone Application
14:30 Break
14:45 Web Application Development 2, Windows Phone Development with Silverlight and the Azure cloud environment …
16:15 Event Endings


.NET Basics Day

Location : LUT ML6428

  • Start time : (Thursday - Friday) (20 - 21).1.2011 at 8:15
Time Activity
08:15 Introduction
08:45 .NET Tutorial starts from Expert Tuomo Ketomäki
10:00 Break
10:15 Tutorial Continues
12:00 Lunch Break
12:45 Tutorial Continues
14:00 Tea Break
14:15 Tutorial Continues
16:30 The End


Tuomo Ketomäki's Content (22.01.2010)

Presentation Material (pdf)
ASP.NET BasicsBasics(pdf)
Master Pages and navigationMaster Pages and Navigation(pdf)
User ControlsUser Controls(pdf)
Data binding and LINQ to SQLData binding and LINQ to SQL (pdf)
Web ServicesWeb Services(pdf)


Demo Applications Material (zip)
ASP.NET DemosASP.NET Demos (zip)
Silverlight DemosSilverlight Demo (zip)

Code Camp Week

Location 6428 Windows Classroom

  • Start time on Monday 24.1.2011 at 10:15
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
08:15 —— Coding Coding Coding Code Finalizing
10:15 Intro & Idea Brainstorming Coding Coding Coding Code complete
12:00 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Demo
13:00 Idea Complete & Design (Wiki Ready) Coding Coding Coding Demo
14:15 Short Idea Presentation & Feedback Coding Coding Coding Closing
17:00 Social event and sauna Coding Coding Coding
02:00 Coding Coding Deadline style Coding Feedback


Feedback times

  • Friday 11th of February: Tite library 6614
  • 8.30-9.00 Add your group here to reserve the time
  • 9.00-9.30 Group 5
  • 9.30-10.00 Group 1
  • 10.30-11.00 Group 4
  • 12.00-12.30 Group 7
  • 12.30-13.00 Group 6
  • 13.00-13.30 Group 2
  • 13.30-14.00

Wizard of UX


  • All you need to do is to unzip this packet and double click WizardofUX.exe file. All .dll files must kept in the same directory with the exe file.
  • Please remember to answer the small survey after you have used the Wizard of UX


Group Application Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4
LUT1 V4E Igor Botyan Camilo Cifuentes Mihai Iusan
LUT2 Epic Watch Nana Assyne Nuh Mohamed Sidhartha Yalavarthi Udhyan Timilsina
LUT3 Greendel Antti Knutas Tommi Kähkönen Harri Johansson
LUT4 Trust'NGO Jose Maria Luna Samuel Guirado Daniel Lupiañez Cesar Quijano
LUT5 SNC Artem Anchugov Saeedeh MehrouziNaseer Ahmad
LUT6 Word Cards Joona-Pekka Kokko Tomi Kosonen Konstantin Koskelainen Jalamadugu Ravitheja
LUT7 Gallery Qianting Liu Tommi Zhihao Yu Aoke Li
LUT8 Application Name Student Name 1 Student Name 2 Student Name 3 Student Name 4
LUT9 Application Name Student Name 1 Student Name 2 Student Name 3 Student Name 4

Imagine Cup


Discuss coding etc. problems

  • IRC :
    • #lut-codecamp
  • Forums ⇒ will be there soon!!
  • Skype


Programming experience(I hope you all have some…if not..then you'll have one during this code camp) and of course learning INTEREST is the most.

Can I prepare to Code Camp ?

Yes. During code camp week we will brainstorm a software idea, design it and code it. Getting good ideas might sometimes be hard and thinking about different ideas before code camp makes it faster to get into coding part.

I have an exam in Code Camp week ?

You are free to go exam, but code camp in intensive course and idea is to focus coding during the well, so it is recommended you prepare to exam before the code camp week.

Grading ?

Grading 1-5 from

  • Idea and presentation of the Idea in wiki: 25%
  • Coding of the implementation: 25%
  • Presentation: 10%
  • Code Camp Spirit: 20%
  • Code camp report 20%

More ?

If you have questions about code camp send email to


Some basic Tutorials links: .


Windows Phone 7 Programming:




Expression Blend:

  • Link1:
  • Link2:
  • Link3:
  • Link4:
  • Link5:


  • Link1:
  • Link2:
  • Link3:
  • Link4:
  • Link5:
  • MS SQL:
    • Link1:
    • Link2:
    • Link3:
    • Link4:
    • Link5:
  • LINQ:
    • Link1:
    • Link2:
    • Link3:
    • Link4:
    • Link5:

What is Code Camp ?

Code Camp is a learning and hacking experience. The code camp approach can be defined as a collaborative learning setting that aims to promote profession-oriented skills. In code camp, the term camp refers to a situation where students assemble and stay a while together. The term code refers to coding, i.e. writing computer programs.


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